Lit Gas Lighter Collection

Best lighter: Producers since 1978
Made In Italy

Lit Gas Lighter Collection srl is the only Italian company and one of the few in the world with an experience in manufacturing gaslighters lasting more than thirty years (since 1978).

LIT Gas is well known in the Italian market as well as in the European countries, part of the East Europe, in the Arabian countries, in North Africa and in South America.

The range of LIT Gas proposes piezoelectric, electronic and flame models, realised with the best materials and assembled with precision, tested one by one to guarantee the greatest quality and safety.

LIT Gas items, besides the very good materials quality, the exclusive design and the trendy colours, stands out also for the innovative shapes, result of several years of research. the whole with a great relation between quality and price.

The “new entries” in the LIT Gas collection are two piezoelectric models (made in Italy)  with 2 crystals (P334 – SAIL and P338 – DOLPHIN) which particularity is the design, that has been studied by the best designers in this field, and some refillable lighters with flame  according to all international law.

We developed in Italy and made in Italy also different items that you can better see in our catalogue (household items, indoor and outdoor products).

Our  company, sensitive to the ecological problems uses  recoveralble raw materials and packaging.


Lit Gas also offers a personalization service that gives the opportunity to make the desired products unique in their genre.
Ask for your personalization right away.